November 8, 2016 2:21 PM

5 Steps for the Perfect Jeans

Throwing on a pair of jeans that will make you comfort everyone can do. Finding one that makes you look fabulous, is a lot more challenging. I've been asked many questions on what takes for find the perfect jeans. And there's no easy answer to this question either. Sorry, but we are talkng jeans, right? I will start with a few guidances and go deeper than just the right jeans for particular body types. But I must start by saying it has to have a bit of stretch!
1# First complain is; "I don't look good in skinny jeans and that's all that I can find". Well, I agree with you, skinny jeans is not for everyone, it's made for the skinny models whose legs go for days. I also agree with you that it's spread out like weed after the raining Season, however, if you have paid a bit of attention, you might have noticed that recently, there have been some wide or flare legs with a high waist, which is very complimentary for most body types. They tame the tummy and disguise a large hip and are peeeeeeerfect for elongating the legs. Who doesn't want that?
#2 If you are not in your 20's anymore and want something a bit more polished (chances are you don't like skinny jeans anyway) try NYDJ (Not Your Daugther's Jeans). This brand was created with the mature woman in mind, so it's designed with beautifully flattering cuts that accomodate those curves, in mostly straight leg and higher waisted cuts. Wearing jeans for younger girls makes you look older. Keep in mind you don't have to wear the trendiest jean. Find a jeans style you like that's modern, sleek, and sophisticated. It's your time to be you!
#3 -  Are you after the 'sought after' jeans of the moment, the one with all the whittles and bells? Then Vetements is for you! This is the kinda jeans you will see amongst the hottest fashionistas in the planet, but it comes with a price tag, the most affordable version starts with a steep $1,000 tag. Worth the comment, the head designer of this fairly new french brand is 34-year-old Demna Gvasalia, the new Balenciaga creative director, who replaced Alexander Wang after his stepping down. The rest is unknown.
#4 - If you are after that simmering effect and couldn't care less about lables, then search no more, I introduce you 'Spanx Jeans". It's the same brand that makes the shapewear, so you can expect tight hugging jeans that will make you look 2 sizes smaller, I kid you not and prove below. We all know how that an outfit can makes us or break us.

#5 - `if you find your jeans stretch too much too soon, try DL1961’s Instasculpt denim. The microsculpting fabric lends for a comfortable fit and guaranteed shape retention. When trying your jeans on, make a squat to make sure they will stay in shape. If you feel like you want to unbutton your jeans every time you sit down because you’re uncomfortable, that’s not a good sign. Jeans that are too tight tend to squash your butt and create an inseam pulling to one side. It's also annoying to have to check that your jeans are staying zipped. One should known their personal line between needing a tailor or deciding a pair of jeans is too much work.
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