own YOUR personal BRAND


Do you need to showcase your professionalism in the way you dress? How about having corporate photos which highlights your personality & exudes confidence?  

It can be extremely difficult to know how to dress & what accessories to wear every day - let alone for a photoshoot! And that's without considering your personal brand & how that is communicated through your style.

Hi I'm Silvana Patrick and I'm here to help you define & refine your image, liberate your unique style and empower you with the confidence to achieve your personal & professional goals.

That means no more shopping for things that aren't an accurate reflection of you. I will provide you with easy to maintain, practical advice you can use to transform your personal image.


As part of the Style Your Brand package, you'll work with a team of industry leaders to capture the essence of your personal brand, creating an authentic image in line with your brand.

 90min Personal Brand Consult
  Studio photoshoot
   Wardrobe Edit
   2 Hour Personal Shop
   3-5 Different Looks Captured
   High Resolution Images


You could be missing out on job opportunities!
If your LinkedIn profile doesn't reflect a professional image, or there is nothing eye-catching about it, you could be getting lost in the crowd.

Total cost (includes 90 minute personal styling session, two hour personal shop plus studio/outdoor photoshoot with 3-5 looks):

From $1,295 AUD

Opt to pay in three monthly instalments of just $431.
*Hair & makeup additional

Give yourself the best chance of career success and invest in a look that shows your personality. With a Style Your Brand package you'll receive the expertise you need to put your best foot forward.

"The day Silvana styled me, my brand was finally born"
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