The Leather Dress

June 25, 2016 1:10 AM
The Leather Dress

My passion for São Paulo is not just about my roots, family and friends, it goes way beyond that. I love all the things the city has to offer, its cultural life, vibrance and diversity. When it comes to dressing, 'paulistanos', the people who are born and raised in São Paulo city, are more conservative, however, they also break some rules. The dress code at work is classy, elegant and mostly dark. Because the weather in São Paulo is cooler that in most cities, people have to be flexible and I think this dress is perfect for that kind of weather. You can wear it during warmer days without any layer or you add as many layers as you want, totally democratic. On this blue Autumn's day, a thin layer underneath it add some interest to the whole outfit. Its figure flattering shape suits those with smaller waist, the V-neck is very complimentary to those with larger bust and the slightly A-line skirt, is very forgiving for the typical brazilian wider hips. It can't get any better than that!

When it comes to the right accessories, it just can takes from a casual look to the most sophisticated one just like that

Dress Le Lis Blanc

Bag Jason Wu

Shoes Myshoes

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