New Relaxing Dress Code Rules

March 6, 2019 10:36 PM
New Relaxing Dress Code Rules
As part of a changing nature of workplaces one of the Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs are becoming more lenient with the dress code not just for the tech department, as many other companies have already done, but across all departments, The memo makes it clear though that it is up to the employees to use good sense and there should be exceptions. Given that most of their employees are millennials, I would say it is a bit risky. And I will tell you why, millennials don't see why image is that important. They just believe in skills. Older clients may find it confilctuous. Being lenient gives margin to discrepancy in terms of dressing amongst the employees. There will always be the ones who will continue dressing in pinstripes while others will adhere to the new dress code therefore wear jeans. Changes are generally good, but is it too soon? Are employees mature enough to make sensible choices? What are your thoughts on that? I would love to hear from you.
Here is a plain cotton blue dress simply styled with black accessories; a leather scarf and black mules, making it perfect for the weekend. I am wearing the belt that comes with the dress. It's a good way to start testing the waters if you are a beginner.
For this look, I stick to a monochromatic palette but statement heels and golden details for a sophisticated finish. This look is perfect for an important meeting with a client. It shows a bit of personality while still being very sober.
Structure leather bag and statement shoes transform this simple dress in to a very classy outfit.
A fabric belt will highlight the waist which has a slimming effect.
Now it's time to change the accessories for a cocktail, by simply adding contrasting colours and a bold high waist belt everything looks more stylish and party-like
i added a colourful scarf without adding any extra colour to the pallet.

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