Facial masks

February 25, 2016 5:14 PM
Facial masks

If you have been to a good beautician lately chances are they put layers and layers of seruns, masks, you name it onto your skin. The new way to wear skin products is by layering products so that they potencialize their effect. Now you know why your pore-cleansing clay mask that you’re using independently is not doing you any favors. This alarming fact was something I learned over the two hours I spent being steamed, massaged, accupressured, peeled, extracted, and moisturized by my beautician. After which, I kid you not, I saw my 16-year-old self reflected in the mirror. My skin was glowy with that “What are pores?” innocence, my eyes were brighter, and my face had lost any hint of sag. It was kind of insane. The face lift didn’t last long (maybe 48 hours?) but the glow carried on and on and on. But happily you can achieve similiar results at home. I firstly came across this korean brand, Erborian, at Sephora Barcelona and I have absolutely feel in love with it since then. We all know how koreans know how to treat their skin, and this products delivers. It is an overnight mask. All you have to do is apply at night and wake up with a more rested looking skin, specially good for those times when we are stressed. Exfoliating is also a crucial part of the my skin routine,  so I like to have options, I wear this charcoal mask by Origins, particularly when I feel that my skin needs a detox and I need to refine the pores. Charcoal draws dirt out of pores, absorbs excess oil, and improves blood circulation. Another product that I always refer to is this Clinical Peel & Reveal by Peter Thomas Roth. You apply it like a scrub giving more attention to the T-zone, then you leave it on for 7 minutes and it will the warm up your face. The warming action gives a similar effect as a steam treatment.  And last but not least, this Reviving with a Biological Scrub by Valmont is quite a different product to anything else I have used that comes under the meaning of scrub. The texture is like a very thick gel which is almost clear in colour. It is extremely gentle on the skin, so for those days when I feel my skin is oversensentive, this one is my go-to. It is gentle yet very effective.  Howerver, almost as imporant as it is to exfoliate the skin, never use a pore-refining mask on its own because it will absorb your skin's oil, causing your face to feel dry, and, in turn, overproduce oil in order to compensate. Instead... Finish with a hydrating mask. You need to replenish your skin with water, so be deliberate.

analogous colors sit next to each other and create a harmonious effect. Now you know why fashionistas love pink and red together :)

complementary colors six opposite to each other and are highly impactful

The deeper the depth the bigger the impact! Here I am wearing a bright pink bottom and softened it up with a pale acqua top
Olive green sandals keep the cool/warm ratio balanced
Tailored pieces create a sophisticated end result
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